Seven reasons for a man to date curvy woman

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When a man is in love, every man wants his own woman to be praised by others, so thin women become the first choice for men's lovers. But when they get married, men prefer fat women. Why do men like fat women? What is the good for a man to marry a fat woman? Next, Xiaobian will tell you about the seven happiness of a fat woman's wife.

1.The high quality of women's sex life is relatively high, the British "safety channel" has conducted a survey of 500 adult males. The results showed that 87% of the men preferred the graceful, full and round women. These findings have shown that women's fullness does increase the quality of sexual life of both sexes. For women, fat cells, which means that more estrogen can be produced, is the "engine" of a woman's sexual desire, to increase their sexual needs, to be more active in sexual life, and to feel more intense in sexual stimulation. This undoubtedly helps women achieve sexual excitement more quickly and enjoy sexual life better. Their chest and buttocks are well deserved love peaks, and almost all artists have noticed how much inspiration and creative power the two parts have brought to them. The man's art world can no longer be lacking in them.

2.fat women give him a sense of safety and fat women's psychological ability is generally good, give people the feeling of kindness, not so many ideas, because of the fat, fat women are easy to contend, and know how to cherish.

3, fat woman as a wife to make men have a little face fat woman looks rich, and the fat woman has Wang Fuxiang, an incapable man can not give his wife a happy life, and the fat woman undoubtedly makes many people believe that she is very happy at home. A woman's body is fat. In the outsider's understanding, it must be that this woman's life is very good, enjoying at home.,

4, happy life, good character, wide body fat is bound to gain weight. Fat women usually have a good character, happy and free from worry. They can feel their happiness just by looking at their chubby figure. They are open-minded in their unfairness with life and are self assured in their frustrations to life.

5, gentle and kind, very steadfast and fat women are very kind and steadfast, they will not compete with others for what to compare. Fat women know very well that appearance is the most unreliable capital. So they did not learn to be richer than the US, and their disposition was more gentle and kind.

6, there are some reasons to use the details to understand the reason that fat women's greatest benefit to men is the care of life, fat women must be very fond of eating or understand the people, so they will carefully screen their own meals, to make their husbands satisfied with the food. What's more, the most practical thing is that sleeping can make men feel warm, fat women are fat, and their body temperature is high; for lazy men, a fat woman's wife is a good hand at housework. And because women are fat, they will especially care about men. If they meet a good man, they will hate to take their heart out.

7, strong body, a fat woman with a good body, strong body, can take care of the family, marry such a woman need not worry about the quality of children in the future. A woman with a good figure focuses only on her body. She is cosmetology every day. Fat women do not care about this, they have the energy to enrich their connotation.


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